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Skin Lightening Treatments

It's a goal that almost everyone has: flawless skin that looks clear, bright, and healthy. It's more common, however, to experience darker patches, age spots, freckles, and a dull complexion. Skin lightening treatments have come a long way in recent years and can effectively address the problems associated with our skin's appearance, which is great news for people who are suffering with these conditions.

Understanding the Market for Skin Lightening Treatments

Some types of skin lightening treatments, such as lasers, are available only in the offices of medical professionals; while these types of treatments can be quite effective, they are also very expensive and out of the reach of most people. Over-the-counter treatments for lightening the skin are much more affordable; the problem is that these products are minimally regulated, so manufacturers can use any ingredients they want and say just about anything regarding the effectiveness of their products.

It's definitely "Buyer Beware" when it comes to most skin lightening treatments on the market today. While many of these products are simply not effective and therefore a waste of your hard-earned dollars, other products can contain harmful ingredients that may negatively impact your health.

Skin Lightening Pills and Creams

The most common skin lightening treatments available for purchase without a prescription are skin lightening pills, which are taken orally, and skin lightening creams, which are applied directly to the skin. While both are readily available, skin lightening creams are generally a better choice than are skin lightening pills. While some skin lightening pills contain antioxidant ingredients that are beneficial to overall health, there is scant evidence that skin lightening pills actually help to resolve dark spots and uneven skin tone.

There are many different formulations of skin lightening creams on the market, and new products of this type are being constantly introduced. Most of these products contain various ingredients that provide moisture to the skin, which is helpful, but products of this nature do not address the root causes of skin darkening. In addition, some skin lightening creams contain substances like hydroquinone and mercury, both of which have toxic and carcinogenic properties. Products containing either of these ingredients should be avoided at all costs.

Best Skin Lightening Treatments

In terms of a balance between affordability and performance, the top skin lightening treatments are over-the-counter creams that contain a carefully formulated blend of ingredients that are tested for both safety and effectiveness in lightening the skin. Specifically, examine the list of ingredients for any product you consider purchasing; be on the lookout for Asafetida Extract, Kojic Acid Ester, and Glycolic Acid. These ingredients in combination have been found to provide the fastest and most effective skin lightening action while protecting the body from the harmful substances found in other skin lightening products.

A final word regarding skin lightening treatments: the top-rated skin lightening creams work most effectively with regular use; it may take a few weeks before you see results. This is because the strength of these products is carefully calibrated to safely and gradually lighten the skin.