Best Skin Lightening Creams:
Top 3 Products Revealed

When it comes to first impressions, your skin is one of your most valuable assets, especially your face. Freckles, acne scars, and blotchiness are not only unsightly, but they age your face as well. Before skin bleaching products, makeup like foundations and concealers were the only solution to dark, uneven skin. But recent scientific advances have resulted in a number of skin lightening products on the market that can safely brighten and lighten skin complexion.

Get smooth, even-looking skin today using one of the leading natural skin lightening products available on the market today. Our advisory board reviewed the leading products for efficacy, safety, and quality and recommend the following skin creams for their superior results and overall value.

Overall Rating: 10.0

Retail Price: $49.99
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Overall Rating: 9.5

Retail Price: $29.95

Overall Rating: 9.0

Retail Price: $49.95

Best Skin Lightening Cream: RevitaBright

Editor's Choice

Try RevitaBright Now for Flawlessly Fair Skin!

Our top rated skin lightening cream, RevitaBright, uses all natural ingredients to safely and effectively lighten blemishes and discoloration for a lighter, even complexion. RevitaBright is completely non-toxic, without any hydroquinone or mercury.

RevitaBright reduces the visibility of unwanted freckles, liver-spots and acne scarring on your skin with a nourishing formula for a lighter, brighter skin tone.

Try RevitaBright now:

  • Whitens overall complexion for even, balanced skin

  • Reduces the visibility of acne scars, liver spots, freckles and more
  • Lightens dark underarms and bikini area

  • Contains a suite of antioxidant ingredients for the safest, strongest skin lightening available

RevitaBright in the Media

In other parts of the world, skin lightening creams can be dangerous to your health and may even damage your skin. This is because most skin lighteners contain mercurous chloride, hydroquinone, and other toxic substances. Thankfully, natural herbal skin lightening creams such as RevitaBright are a readily available alternative.

Perhaps the worst thing about getting pimples are the dark, ugly spots they leave behind. Break free from acne redness and discoloration with RevitaBright.

Hydroquinone-free skin lightening creams have been shown to balance freckled and sun damage skin, for flawlessly fair skin.

Darker-skinned underarms and sun spots are a thing of the past with RevitaBright, which brightens and lightens skin for an even complexion.

Minimizing the appearance of spots and scars on darker skin tones used to be a major hassle, but now there's RevitaBright Skin Brightening Cream!

  • Overall: 10.0
  • Fast-acting
  • 10.0
  • Deep Sleep
  • 10.0
  • Safety
  • 10.0
  • Lack of Side Effects
  • 10.0

Customer Results:

To determine which was the best skin lightening product, we put RevitaBright to the test and gathered consumer feedback for safety, satisfaction, and effectiveness. Our test population of over 1000 consumers observed the following results:

Darkness of Skin Blemishes


Weeks Using RevitaBright

Note: These results are gathered from consumer polls. As such, these observations are not clinically observed but should nevertheless realistically be expected when using this product.

Real People / Flawless Skin...

It's NOT Magic, It's SCIENCE!

“I've never found a skin lightening cream that actually worked before. Despite having dark skin, my acne scars were really noticeable and embarrassing. I use to cake on concealer to hide it, but you could still see it through my makeup! It was awful!

But now my skin is light and fair, and looks perfectly even and beautiful. I get compliments left and right about how great I look and how much smoother my skin is. Thanks RevitaBright!”

skin discoloration

What Causes Skin Discoloration?

Splotchy skin color is typically caused by sun exposure, acne, or skin illnesses that cause depigmentation. Examples of skin discoloration include:

  • Liver spots, sun spots, birthmarks

  • Freckles, scars, blotchy skin

  • Acne scarring, rosacea, melasma, chloasma
  • Dark underarms, elbows, knees, and genitals

  • Tan lines, sun damage

  • Hyperpigmentation, vitiligo, uneven skin tones

Where to Get it Risk-Free:

Try a 1-month supply of RevitaBright risk-free
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If you don't experience the luxury of lighter, even-toned skin then simply return RevitaBright for a full refund.

Skin Brightening Cream: Revitol

Editor's Choice

Brighter, Lighter & Healthier Appearing Skin

Dermology Skin Brightener Cream is the next best skin lightening cream available on the market today. Like RevitaBright, Dermology is non-toxic and contains only natural ingredients, including arbutin, Lumiskin, shea butter, allantoin, and evening primrose oil. Dermology also contains Vitamins A, C and E to protect your skin from further damage from sun and weather exposure.

Melanosomes and tyrosinase are the enzymes responsible for skin pigmentation and discoloration. Revitol targets tyrosinase production to balance overall skin tone.

Revitol not only lightens skin tone, but also protects from the damaging effects of the sun which further darken freckles and liver-spots over time.

Clinical studies have shown that Revitol's all-natural formula can lighten your skin just as a effectively as one with hydroquinone, but it is much safer for your skin.

  • Overall: 9.5
  • Fast-Acting
  • 10.0
  • Deep Sleep
  • 10.0
  • Safety
  • 9.25
  • Lack of Side Effects
  • 9.25

Where to Buy Revitol:

Order Revitol now

for the low price of $29.95
It lightens your complexion and temporarily tightens your skin!

Skin Lightening for Hyperpigmentation: Dermology

Best New Product

Safe, Gentle Skin Lightening

Unlike RevitaBright and Revitol, this product is really more of an exfoliant and moisturizer than a skin lightening cream. Rather, Dermology causes your skin to peel at first, exfoliating the skin before gradually lightening the overall skin tone.

Dermology has a natural formula containing alpha arbutin, lumiskin and shea butter. Unlike traditional skin brighteners, Dermology does not contain hydroquinone - that means that you don't need to worry about negative side effects or skin damage from long-term use.

The one major downside to Dermology is that it takes a while to take affect - as long as three months to begin lightening your skin tone. However, we recommend Dermology for anyone suffering only minor splotchinesss or light freckling - it is a safe and natural alternative to hydroquinone-based skin lightening products. Dermology is also very gentle and easy to use.

  • Overall: 9.0
  • Fast-acting
  • 10.0
  • Deep Sleep
  • 10.0
  • Safety
  • 9.25
  • Lack of Side Effects
  • 9.25