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Natural Skin Whitening System

I have used several whitening products with virtually no results. I am delighted to have discovered Skin Whitening System. It has evened out my skin tone. My skin feels wonderfully soft too. Many thanks!

~Carolyn Hinks, teacher


I am a woman of color with sensitive skin and have to be careful with the products I use. I have been using Full Body Skin Whitening System for just over three months and my skin color is noticeably lighter. I feel safe using this product because it contains natural ingredients.

~Bonita Sawyer, nurse

How ItWorks

The Products

The three products of Natural Skin Whitening System work together to achieve results not possible in a single stand-alone skin whitening product.

Skin Whitening Cream contains a high concentration of two skin lighteners derived from natural sources: kojic acid ester (from Japanese mushrooms) and Asafetida extract (a herbal plant from India). Skin Whitening Cream also contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids which speeds up the whitening process by exfoliating colored skin on the surface.

Ultra C Serum contains Vitamin C which helps reduce the formation of melanin, the compound responsible for skin coloring. Ultra C Serum used in conjunction with Skin Whitening Cream augments the skin whitening action giving a better result that using either product alone.

Advanced Daily Moisturizer with Sunscreen (SPF 15) and Anti-oxidants protects the skin from the darkening effects of the UV rays from the sun. This product also maintains the skin's moisture balance and protects exposed skin from environmental elements. Advanced Daily Moisturizer should be used on sun exposed areas in the daytime while using Skin Whitening Cream and Body Whitening Lotion.

Body Whitening Lotion was developed for whitening large areas of the body. The product contains a combination of Kojic Acid, Asafetida extract and Vitamin C.

The Ingredients

All the ingredients used in the products in Skin Whitening System and Body Whitening Lotion stress effectiveness, safety, and naturalness.

Kojic Acid Ester (found in Skin Whitening Cream and Body Whitening Lotion) is derived from Japanese mushrooms. This naturally-derived ingredient prevents the formation of melanin resulting in a lighter skin color and more even skin tone.

Asafetida Extract (found in Skin Whitening Cream and Body Whitening Lotion) is derived from a herb native to India. This herbal extract also prevents the formation of melanin in a similar manner to kojic acid.

Vitamin C (found in Body Whitening Lotion and Ultra C Serum) works together with kojic acid and asafetida extract to prevent the formation of melanin, resulting in a lighter skin color and more even skin tone.

Glycolic acid (found in the Skin Whitening Cream and Body Whitening Lotion) is derived from sugar cane. This naturally-derived ingredient (the best known type of Alpha Hydroxy Acid) helps to exfoliate the outer surface layer of the skin which speeds up the effects of the skin whitening process.

Advanced Daily Moisturizer (SPF 15) contains antioxidants and sunscreen to protect the skin from environmental elements and the sun. Sunrays stimulate melanin production and skin darkening. To maximize skin whitening and diminishing of age spots, the skin must be protected from the sun at all times.


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